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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Thank You for Supporting Teachers!

Zanes Law gives again!  The annual school supply giveaway to over 400 teachers was a success!  Thank you Zanes!!

 Super volunteers...

Excited teachers...

And tons of fun! 



Thank you Treasures 4 Teachers,  Four Peaks Brewery, and the community volunteers for these boxes!!


Zanes Law does it's their year 6 and I'm fortune to have been selected for 5 of those years!!

The supplies! 


Some fun!!


Thank you Four Peaks Brewery and Monsoonsee Tap and Grill for the teacher gift box!!  

I'm so excited to start the year with 2 extra reams of copy paper, cleaning wipes, and a new set of markers and pens.


Thank you First Book, Disney Publishers, and the wonderful volunteers for all the books!  1,200 books for my school!!
 My flat after loading half
It took 2 cars to get all of the books

Some little helpers from after school tutoring brought in all of the heavy boxes
Some books to share...

And some for me!

Almost 800lbs, 33 boxes, and 28 different books leveled for readers 0-18 years old.


Zanes Law Loves Teachers

Zanes Law has showed their love and kindness again with their Annual Supply Giveaway Event.  This was their 4th year doing this event and they are supporting more teachers every year with hundreds showing up today!!


TONS of happy teachers waiting to gather the loot!

There was copy paper, construction paper, scissors, 
glue, markers, mini baskets, tissues, and MORE!


My bag was FULL and HEAVY

A Prize and a Refreshment

And to compete the fun, you could play a Minute to Win It Game

 Zanes always adds another cause related to health,
this year you could choose to donate blood.

Here's what I ended many supplies!!



Three Cheers for Yoobi!  

I'm am so excited to show off my newest supplies that I just picked up from Treasures for Teachers Tucson, a local teacher shop with teaching and crafting supplies.  Yoobi is a much larger organization that you may have heard of because of their promotion with Target last fall.  I can officially say I LOVE both organizations :)

Here's how the deal worked:

1. Join Teachers Pay Teachers - Already done since they have lots of good stuff all year long!

2. Fill out a verification form and write a thank you note


3. Take home your BOX!!!!

 Cute letter from Yoobi

 This little box was LOADED with cute little boxes, 
with even cuter printed on labels.


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I received a box of school supply goodies from my Sorority Alumni group.  Your kindness goes a long way!


Plus toilet paper and paper towel rolls which will be telescopes for our space unit!

Thank you Beta Nu Beta for your donations!! 


This morning Zanes Law did a huge teacher giveaway!!

After an application and a special invitation I was on the list, along with a bunch of my coworkers!  I truly appreciate what they do each year for teachers to help us get the year started right and their support throughout the year with giveaways to selected classrooms.

All the supplies were sorted and stacked.
It was a beautifully cloudy morning.

The music was playing :)
And then all the fun begins!!

All of this was in my bag!!

Photo Station with their Cute Mascot "Yardly"

Bragging ...I mean Checking In on Facebook earned you 2 of the prizes from this table!

Minute to Win It Games:  
We have a yo-yo tied to our back belt loop and had to swing the yo-yo to knock over all the cups!  I had fun with my co-worker Dana who did it with me.

I won and got ANOTHER prize.

Here's my grand total collection from Zanes.

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