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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Classroom Games

These games are excellent fillers and even better for those early finishers who need a challenge!

How about some good old fashioned Boggle?  I found this one on Pinterest!

Boggle on the Left = Making Words 

Rules: Must make real words by connecting touching letters.  The longer the word the better, you can give points by word length (ex. 2-3 letters 1 point, 4 letters 3 points, 5 + letters 5 points).  I award for most words that follow the rules.

Noggle (number boggle) on the Right = Making 20's
My Noggle Worksheet 

Rules: By using any mathematical operation (add, subtract, multiply, divide) the solution must make 20.  My second graders only add and subtract to get to 20, but some add over the 20 so they can then subtract bask to it.  You could add a point value to this game too, I just award most accurate expressions.

Letters and numbers came from here: 

Washi tape makes for a great border to outline the game letters or numbers

Since I'm lucky to have an extra (who'd a thought that was possible) whiteboard, these games are always up on half with my objectives on the other half.  This board is also magnetic so the pieces all have a small magnet on the back making it easy to swap them out for a new round!  


20 Questions

This was one of my favorites for long car rides and long waits at restaurants.  To play in a classroom you need a bucket full of nouns.  These NOUNS are what I use for second graders, but any set at your grade level will work.  Having the words helps keep players on track and avoids cheating.

Rules:  On the board draw a t-chart for the questions and guesses.  20 questions are allowed and depending on the group I allow up to 5 guesses until they learn the difference between a question and a guess.  Teacher (or a student) takes one noun out the the jar, reads it in their head, and holds it in their fist to hide it.  Students can ask 'yes or no' questions or make a guess until the questions and guesses are all used up.  If someone figures out the word they win, OR if they run out of question and guesses the word holder wins!

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