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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Visiting SeaWorld San Diego!

If you are a K-12 teacher in Arizona or California this post is aimed at you, although I bet there is a deal for the other SeaWorld locations for teachers.  For the AZ and CA teachers you can get a Fun Card annual pass and 3 passes for a friend to join you!  

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Here's how my mini-adventure went!

Day 1

I flew to San Diego with an amazing Southwest Airlines deal for one way and used air miles I have been saving for the other way.   Once I arrived and met up with a friend and we checked into a hotel we learned how to use the "Trolly" transit system and went to Old Town.  The Trolly is just $5 a day once you buy the $2 card and can take you across town and back.

Old Town San Diego

Tons of local shops and restaurants.  In the Historical Park there are informational videos and signs, and the shop keepers are all dressed to match the time period. 


Day 2 

And the pictures you are really reading this post for...


Soooo being that it is winter and there are no holidays or vacation days the parking lot was easy to navigate.  

Ready to enter!  
All I had to do was scan my emailed FREE ticket and I got my pass.  
My friend's ticket scanned at the entry gate.

Hands on fun right inside the door!


All of the tanks and exhibits had guides ready to tell you all about the animal.

 Before the whole park could officially open they played the Star Spangled Banner.

Since we were in early this was our first stop...

Arctic Helicopter simulation ride and Animals (or skip the ride and see the animals)

Polar Bear

Can you spot the beluga?!  He's in there!

PENGUINS!!  This is a people mover track and slowly moves you along the exhibit.


The penguins outside are very friendly!

 The Corral Reef and Sea Turtles

 I just love turtles and tortoises :) 
And gift shops at each exhibit with only their animal.

Sea Lions and Seals

 You can buy fish and feed them

Pets Rule Show - All of the animals were rescued and adopted by SeaWorld

Manta Rays available for petting.  They can only see above their heads, so they ran into each other and the walls.

Sesame Street Kids Play Area 

Playtime for me..those are still not quite right...

Kids Rides and Adult Rides in different areas, but they are part of the fun.

Dolphin Show - Blue Horizons


Shamu Show - Killer Whales Perform
They showed off the newest baby and talk about conservation.  
It's amazing what these giants can do.


So much to do and see I'm glad we went during the "off season".

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