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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

American Diner

My special end of the year project has been my American Diner
for the past 7 years!  This project was a spin off from my student teaching mentor teacher and it had grown with me each year.  My Diner is quite popular at the school as my students serve lunch to all the staff and parents.  I love to show off how little (and crazy) second graders can become little adults to show what they have learned all year with sit-down restaurant.

To work at my diner students need to learn about American songs, symbols, landmarks, currency, and leaders.  Once they have began reading articles and finding important information to include in their American Workbooks I begin the business stuff.  

Informational articles to 2 column notes to paragraphs.
Students will first apply for their jobs.  My students are only 2nd grade so their work experience and knowledge of their contact information is limited.

After applications I conduct interviews and check references on the spot by calling over their listed classmate and interrogating them :)  Usually they are kind to each other and stay positive, but the honest ones are are the best!!

And then jobs are assigned...I like to have 3 shifts so they can get to try out different jobs and keep them excited for the long hours of food service.  I used Google Docs so I could access it and change it as necessary and review it both at home and at school.

So let's review...

Reading and Summarizing Articles 



Jobs Assigned 

Parent letter, donations, and Invitations

Parent Letter: I sent home this letter to explain what's going on and what we need donated.

Invitations: Students had to hand write these for all staff and a fancy one to take home to their parents...

 Menu:  We served hot dogs, chips, veggies, cookies, and lemonade.

Hosts Station

That leads me to the decorations, performer songs, and thank you gifts.  What fun would a restaurant be without the ambiance screaming U.S.A.  

1. 50 States that Rhyme  (long version for those dedicated singers)
2. I Love the Mountains  
3. You're A Grand Old Flag

There are others I play for them throughout the last month, but these are the ones they learn for the Diner.

Cashiers Table

Gifts - Stick Flags for all of our visitors!   

Decorations - begin with posters for each item in their diner books then go crazy with everything American you can find!  Flags, banners, windsocks, table clothes, hats, buttons, confetti, toys, etc.

Students make/decorate aprons as part of their employee uniforms.

And here's what you would see on the Diner Day!



Thanks for visiting!  If you want to know more about the Diner or my resources please comment below!!

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sports Fun - My Softball Team

 Softball!  This year (and last year) I was the coach for my elementary school's softball team.  My team was comprised of 3rd - 6th graders, most of which have no softball or any sports experience. We also had a difficult time getting bats, balls, helmets, and bases with a $0 budget.  Fortunately the high school, Student Council, and a couple really awesome dad's helped us out this year!!

So needless to say, I didn't have a championship team, but I did have a group of kids who learned how to play and to love softball like I do!  

My Assistant coaches and I preparing for a game!
I couldn't coach without them :)
Players prepping and other students there for support
An away game....I love this team photo
Goofy kids!
Their silly picture is better than their "professional" picture!

I took my team to the University of Arizona (it's nice to have a university nearby).  My kids loved to cheer and get the players, who are celebrities to them, to turn around and wave them them!