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Monday, September 15, 2014

Book Reports

Pizza Box Reports

We are already a full month and a half into our school year, so it is time for our first report.  This is a culminating project to to end ELA Unit 1 - Fudge-A-Mania where we learned about characters and how they react to different events, and how to summarize (it is a loooong book).   I got my pizza boxes from a local restaurant supply store for under $15.  Since I had to buy a package of 50 will be another project with these in the future to use the other 22 boxes!

Students working on their Pizza's.  The first wrote about how their character reacts to different events in their notebook on a circle to have 6 or more examples.  


We then added the "cheese" with some yellow paper.  I made a stencil by cutting a plate to a smaller size so they could all trace the circle and we knew it would fit.  Then they drew the lines across the cheese to match the slices below.  To make sure they didn't cut too far we drew a small circle in the middle as a "stop" line, also the spot that got glue to attach the cheese.

The cheese has the illustrations to match the character reactions below.

This child didn't follow the directions, but here is another option of how to do the cheese :)

The cover has the title of the story and the author.  Inside the cover is their summaries of the completed story.  Some summaries are longer than others so you can see different levels of learning - sorry I will add another picture soon.

 Finally, I put them up in our hallway with 1 push pin in the middle!  

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Reading Is Rewarding!

I try all kinds of fun ways to get my students to love reading, or at least like it enough to be successful.  My favorite trick is called Reading Is Rewarding.  This is where students are rewarded with mini buttons for doing extra reading outside of their regular assignments.

My students all start with a lanyard with their names on them to get them excited.  Last year my lanyard were graciously donated from KidCraft.  

This Year I ordered some cheap ones from Oriental Trading Co.

Here is my calendar used to log reading minutes... EVERY minute counts (sometimes I estimate and round up too)  I left it blank and my student add the month title and the numbers in the correct spaces to match the month.

My students then would earn 1 mini button for every 30 minutes they have on their log with a parents initials.  These mini buttons came from JCPenney, and were donated when their winter promotion ended.  Even though they are Winter/Christmas themed, they were free and work well!

After they have earned 33 mini buttons they can trade them in for a large button!  33 X 30 min is more or less the same as 1000 minutes of reading.  These are homemade with my button maker that I got from a funded DonorsChoose project.

To make it better, since I had some avid readers with this system there is also a 5000 minute button that's bright yellow!! 

Look at that BUTTON BLING on this pretty girl!

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