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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Plan, Design, and Create!

How to Build a Playground

Step 1:  Make a plan for space and choose your equipment.

Step 2:  Using graph paper (1 square = 1 foot squared) draw the fence as your border.

Step 3: Accurately draw your equipment on separate graph paper so you can move around the pieces to make your design,

Step 4: Attach your pieces to your fenced playground graph.

Step 5: Find the area and perimeter of all of the equipment and add up all of your areas. 

Step 6: Find the area of he fenced space and subtract your total equipment area to find how much sand you will need to cover the empty ground.

Step 7: Make your design on a larger scale and beautify it!

Step 8: Show off your hard work to friends!

Thanks to Mrs. E for sharing this awesome project on her blog!!