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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Madness

It's nearly the end of the first half of the year and we are OVERLOADED with things to do.  Grading, Report Cards, Benchmark Testing, Reading Level Testing, Awards, Special Project, Assemblies, and my favorite...CLEANING

Snow Globes

Every year I make these they come out a little different due to the supplies I can find for the best prices.  This year I used: plastic punch cups, fake plastic snow, construction paper, green pip cleaner, model magic (you can't see it, it's under the snow), and of course silly pictures of my kids looking extra cold! 

End of the Quarter = Last Day with my Reading Group

The story we read wad about Paul Bunyan making I made them pancakes!

So simple with a griddle, small containers with pre-measures mix and eggs, and the best part (free and perfect size) 1 school lunch milk!

Golden Shoe Award and Winners Run

So my class was more naughty than nice this quarter...maybe it'll be us in the spring...

Way to go 6th Graders!!

McTeacher Night

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