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Saturday, November 1, 2014

October 2014

Well this last week was exciting to say the least.  We had spirit week leading into Halloween, but NO costumes allowed at my school. This is a very touchy subject at my school because most of the staff and parents say YES and we are all vetoed by the principal.  What do you all think?  Is crazy hair any less distracting than a themed costume day?  Since favorite book character didn't sell her, I'm thinking I'll try "when I grow up" for costumes. Oh well, I'm exhausted from having so much spirit :)

On top of spirit week I had my formal observation... madness is trying to be extra professional while wearing pajamas!  I think it went well and the principal knew what to expect as she was in PJ's too.  The lesson she viewed was an introduction to the second half of our life cycles unit.   The first half was all about butterflies and we used Velma Gratch and the Way Cool Butterfly to guide the lessons.  This book is a very cute story to introduce vocabulary and explain the life cycle of a butterfly.  To help with Halloween madness and to finish learning about butterflies I found this crafty project!

Butterfly Life Cycle Craft

Materials: T.P. Rolls, Clothes Pins, Pom Poms, Coffee Filters, Googly Eyes, Liquid Glue

   Caterpillar --> 
    Chrysalis --> 

 Healthy Halloween Treat - Fruit Candy Corn

 And if that wasn't enough fun I read 4 Pumpkin and Halloween related books and the kids all got to make their own healthy candy corn snack.

White - 1 Swirl of Whipped cream
Orange - 1 Cutie/Mini Orange
Yellow - 5 Pineapple Chunks


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