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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Run, Run as Fast as You Can...

Check out some of my winter crafts from the past, and download my plan for this year!  Please comment if there is something you like, have tried, or would like directions to try yourself!!

Gingerbread Week Outline Plan 2014 - Includes poems and links



Time for some fun!  Wooden ornaments and supplies for snow globes.


I have very creative kids, below are just 2 examples of some clever decorations.  I told them they have to do a good job so the Gingerbread Man sees them and keeps coming back.


Gingerbread Baking Day

 Salt Dough cookies with cinnamon make great smelling ornaments!


The cookies still needed to be decorated, BUT look at my ADORABLE gingerbread cookie carrying box :)


Sneaky little guy hid his note in the whiteboards and calendar bookshelf!


Gingerbread bath salts for moms nicely kept in mini zipper bags with a cute sticker!

Day 6

Book Exchange - students pass the wrapped books in a circle every time they hear Gingerbread from a Gingerbread Man Story.  Not all participated, but I just couldn't cover for the left out kids this year.

Google Image - I forgot to take one this year :(
Students earned their own Gingerbread Button for completing Gingerbread Man Week and getting all of the crafts done!!

Thanks JCPenny for your button promotion 2 years ago
and donating the extras to my class! 

And of course, Gingerbread Thank You Cards for those kind Co-Workers and Students who brought me gifts.  Co-workers will get them in their school mailboxes, students will get them in their home mailboxes!

--------------------------Years Past --------------------------

Note and Items left by the Gingerbread Man for Cookies

Note and Items left by the Gingerbread Man for Snow Globes

Note and Items left by the Gingerbread Man for Gingerbread Bath Salts

Tree Decorations with leftover cereal and beads
Snow Pictures with Chalk

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