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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Parent-Teacher Conferences with a Large Group of Parents

It's time for parent-teacher conferences again...oh the dreaded long days and meeting after meeting.  I know how important these are for the kids, but I just don't enjoy them.  My principal pushes for 100%  one-on-one in the fall, so I have a plan for the spring.  

Here's what I do:
1. Convince my second grade teammates to join me in my genius plan.  PLEASE It'll be easy and we can have snacks usually works.

2. Pick a conferencing day and block out 2 hours in the library.

3. Decide on teaching tools for parents to use to help their kids (base 10 blocks/math strategies, story questions, journal writing prompts, homework encouragement) 

4. Send out notices to all second grade students (ones not needing separate conferences because of behavioral or academic concerns) inviting them to a group conference.
Click Here to Download My Letter 

5. Have each teacher sets up a station with a learning tool, explains its use, and teaches parents what to do at home.
 - Station 1: "Questions To Ask When Reading"  I print out sets and the kids cut them into strips while I explain to parents about the importance of modeling good reading and talking about the books. Download My Questions HERE

 - Station 2:  Math Coaches Corner has a great example and printable page you can download for free. 120 Chart Link

- Station 3: Journal Writing - this website has prompts for all grade levels!  Journal Buddies Writing Prompts

- Station 4: Homework Tips 
   * Don't just take your child's word, check their backpack and make sure you see the homework completed 
   * Make a Checklist (my kids have planners) of what needs to be done each night
   * Set up a work station with paper and pencils. It should be away from the TV or computer but in range of an adult to help.
   * Talk about what they did and how they did it
   * Celebrate their good work habits!

6. Have a fun time with real conversations and providing parents with what they ask for ALL year! 

Bonus Activity:  Fill out a Be Kind strip about your child to help add to our school chain.

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