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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sports Fun - My Softball Team

 Softball!  This year (and last year) I was the coach for my elementary school's softball team.  My team was comprised of 3rd - 6th graders, most of which have no softball or any sports experience. We also had a difficult time getting bats, balls, helmets, and bases with a $0 budget.  Fortunately the high school, Student Council, and a couple really awesome dad's helped us out this year!!

So needless to say, I didn't have a championship team, but I did have a group of kids who learned how to play and to love softball like I do!  

My Assistant coaches and I preparing for a game!
I couldn't coach without them :)
Players prepping and other students there for support
An away game....I love this team photo
Goofy kids!
Their silly picture is better than their "professional" picture!

I took my team to the University of Arizona (it's nice to have a university nearby).  My kids loved to cheer and get the players, who are celebrities to them, to turn around and wave them them!