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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pinterest Party - Back to School 2015

Nothing is more fun then a Pinterest party to get teachers ready for back to school set up and stress.  I made a Facebook event to invite all of these awesome teachers.  I planned for 2:30 start time so it wasn't a meal time, it wasn't too early, or too late.  

Come make a craft and hang out with teacher friends before we have to go back to reality again.
Here's how it works:
1. You pick out a project for back to school.

2. Count how many people RSVP'd so you know how many sets of the materials you need to bring.

3. Post your project on this page so we can avoid repeats.

4. Gather the materials needed to make the project with enough for everyone to make their own. *Plan to allow each person to make enough of the craft so they can use it in their class.

5. Come to the party with your crafting goodies ready to share and model your craft.
6. Make all of the projects others bring that you want to use!!

I made (bought at the dollar tree) baskets for each guest to store their loot in and attached a cute label.  

The labels said "I actually made something I pinned on Pinterest" 
OR "Less pinning, more doing"

Photo Frames out of paint sicks and letter foamies!


The left side was Drop Boxes and the right side was Journal Jars

Dual purpose craft...Where am I board OR Table Points Board

Water Bottle Pencil Sharpeners

Warm Fuzzies and Jewel Jar
Some Crafts not pictured up close and in actions since I was sooooo busy... 
Popcicle Stick Easels

A basket getting filled up with all the cool projects!

I couldn't resist having an award...
And the Pinterest Party Queen is....

Mallory for the dual purpose magnetic boards!

No party is complete without some food!  

I made a baked potato bar to go with the Build Your Own and Pinterst theme.  The ingredients were simple and delicious!!  
 Crafting makes you hungry :)

After all the excitement these items were left behind along with TONS of foamy letters.

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