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Thursday, July 2, 2015

STEMAZing - The Physics and Art of Sound and Music

This was an interesting class and very creative way to spend 3 full days for professional development hours.  

Day 1:
Science behind sound

Ice Breaker; Find someone who...
Different types of intelligences

Science Notebook Questions for the Stations:
Station # ______________


1  1. Describe what you see.

2  2. Describe what you hear.

3  3. What is the source of the vibration?  Label it as the source on your diagram.

4  4. What type of medium is the wave traveling through?  Label this as the medium on your diagram.

    5. In what direction does the wave appear to travel?  Draw its path on your diagram using a line and an arrow to represent the sound wave.

6  6. What happens to the medium as the wave travels?

Round 1:
Salt bounces with the
drumming on a pan nearby
Rubber bands make different pitches
from thickness and tension
Bolts inside of the balloon make a buzzing/humming sound
when you swirl it careful they POP!
Ever played the spoons?
Same idea...
Flapping the rulers (plastic, metal, wood) against
the table with different lengths hanging off.
Water glasses - using a dowel to tap on
bottles with different levels of water

Wrap waxed paper around the
comb and hum into it
Orange part of the bottle is a balloon.  Pull back the
balloon and a gust of air comes out the point.

Tap on a tuning fork and hold in a cup of water to see waves.
Tap on the tuning fork and a ball will bounce off of it.

Round 2:

This dangerous contraption needs to be swung to hear the buzzing sound.

Telephone...which one is a better sound conductor metal or Styrofoam?

See the waves bounce off of each other like sound waves.

One bottle half full and one empty, blow over them to hear different pitches.

A card flaps when the wheel spins, faster and slower

See the sound in the water waves
Every action has an equal opposite reaction...

Around the room:

Day 2:  Percussion
Making the centers!
Shakers, Shakers, Shakers

Rain sticks                                        Tamborine

So funny I cried!!

A pan flute that works!  
The secret was a chop stick on each side.

Harmonica - the papers slide and the rubberband goes through the middle

Day 3: Show Time
A joke and then a song with some "choreography"

The dowel can be moved to change the rubberband pitch

Strum the rope

Or you can always make the shoe box guitar...we ran out of time for that one :)

·       Carnival of Animals – Saint-Saens
·       The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night – Peter Spier
·       I Know a Shy Fellow Who Swallowed a Cello – Barbara S. Garriel
·       Making Musical Instruments with Kids – Bart Hopkin
·       Octopus’s Garden – Ringo Starr
·       Rubber Band Banjos and a Java Jive Bass – Alex Sabbeth
·       This Land is Your Land – Woodie Guthrie
·       Science Experiments with Sound and Music – Shar Levine & Leslie Johnstone
·       The Science of Sound – Steve Parker
·       Sounds Interesting – Dr. David Darling
·       Sound Projects with a Music Lab – Robert Gardner

·       RAFT:  Resource Area for Teachers –
·       RiverTunes –

·       Science Please!  Sound is Vibration
·       Bill Nye:  Sound Travels in Waves
·       Magic School Bus in the Haunted House:  Sound is Vibration (short version)
·       Where Music Meets Science Part 1:  Pitch & Frequency

If you want a materials list for any of the projects just ask!

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