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Monday, March 21, 2016

Snowman Week

Welcome to Snowman Week!
During this week the students are left notes from Frosty the Snowman giving them an activity or craft to complete.  I did this during the week before winter break and many of the crafts become gifts for mom and dad.

Day 1: Always start with something simple!  We made snowman glyphs for our bulletin board to welcome Frosty as per his request. Snowman-Glyph-Activity-All-About-Winter  

Day 2: Stickers!  I had these super cute sticker sets from the Christmas clearances of years past for about 25 cents a 4 pack.  My students got to build a penguin or snowman and decorate the setting on construction paper.

Day 3: Sock Snowman!  I loved making these and so did my students. I used the small girls socks, rice, yarn, and sharpies..I LOVE SHARPIES :)

Day 4: Snowman treats.  I was inspirded by but I wanted to actually build the snowmen, so I added rice Krispy treats!  Surprisingly the little personal snacks are just the right size!

They couldn't eat them until I got my pictures AND they left the building after school...
HEY - I didn't break any nutrition rules this way!

Day 5:  Let It Snow!  So simple for any crafter or non crafter...All you need is TWO 16 oz boxes of corn starch/ corn flour, and ONE can of shaving cream.  Then it's play time!  I gave each student a small bowl with snow from just one batch and they went crazy. (I also had lots of other random snowman craft pieces and a holiday table cloth that they could decorate and create with.)

Bonus Activity: Book Swap!  This is one of my favorite things to do before winter break. With the theme being snowman I played the song "Frosty the Snowman" on youtube and they had to pass their books to the left every time they heard the word "SNOWMAN". 

 Almost all of my students were able to purchase a book, but for those who couldn't I added in some books to the game so all could play.

For more ideas check out my Crazy Snowman Pinterest Board 

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