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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Meet Your Teacher Stations

The easiest way to do an Open House or Meet Your Teacher night EVER!  All you have to do if put up these signs, add the supplies needed at the stations, then socialize with the students and parents as they come in.  With all the tasks to complete they are busy providing you with important information (no bribes necessary to be sure it comes back from home) AND you can get to ALL of those parents who have special information to tell you about their child.  For pictures of my old ones in use check here: Meet Your Teacher Night - Overview

*If you find my stations useful please comment and share them with friends!!

Post this one by the door with the school's Sign-In Sheets and pens.

This is on my student work centers back table so there is plenty of space.  This station needs the folders with all the first day note: Welcome Letter, Emergency Post Cards, Management Plans, etc. Don't forget to include MANY pens or pencils for parents and some boxes of crayons for the kids.

Two sign in sheets will work for this station. Make one say FIRST DAY/FIRST WEEK and the second say SCHOOL YEAR in bold letters so parents see the difference.

Post your supply list and some examples of the supplies you want.

My Supply List Looks Like THIS

Just posting this station sign is all you need, but you could add some sticky notes in case parents want to save your information for later or to share it with another caregiver.

I got this idea from: Back to School Bag on Pinterest

With a few edits it was perfect for my "make your own" welcome bag activity.

Classroom Freebies - Popcorn Cards

To make them more sturdy I made them into postcards on VistaPrint, you could also just use card stock :)

Helping Hands on Pinterest

MY helping hands

This is how my room looked!

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