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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Crafting Begins

There's always something I think I need for my students to make it a more exciting learning environment.

Learning Dice
I got these small boxes at Treasures 4 Teachers in Tucson in the FREE section.  They are 3 in x 3 in x 3 in, so a good size for small hands and they should fit in my centers bins.  I found some good ideas for what to put on them on Pinterest and then made them my own.  I have 11 dice so I'm deciding if I want more of these sentence dice or to switch it up... 


Doubles on the left,  doubles plus 1 on the right.  I love using my color printer at home so I can make all the colors on each page.

Spelling word dice give students some good odds at getting a practice activity they may enjoy.

Printables for 3x3x3 boxes to make learning dice.
Sentence Dice
Spelling Dice
Doubles Plus 1

Last summer's crafts are too good not to share!  

Teacher Supply Box

This is my "supply box".  The tool box came from a Home Depot and the labels were made with love by me :)  I put out and collect supplies in the drawers and students are allowed to use what's there.  So easy and they are never asking me for crayons and erasers, they know to look in the box.  If the drawer is empty my supply is too.  Check out my labels at my TN and TpT Stores, they're FREE!

Download them here: 

Labels @ TpT  OR  Labels @ TN      

Please leave me a review on this fantastic freebie!

Whiteboard Mini Bins

Oh, Dollar Tree, how I love your random and crafty items!  The mini bins came in a 3 pack, the clips came in a 6 pack, and then I got 2 glittery sticker sheet.  This useful craft was only $5 and they are pinned next to my whiteboard to hold my "teacher markers", dice, classroom cheers, extra putty, and whatever else I think I need to have handy.


I just couldn't keep off of Pinterest and Facebook where all these great ideas are being displayed.  I Pin them, walk away, then get a message that one of my dear teacher friends wants to try it out.  So today we made cubbies/mailboxes/paper organizers.  I'm thinking I need to add some ribbon and fancy labels, but no hurry teacher back to school days are still a month away :)

Directions:  Get FREE boxes from a mail center or use cereal boxes.  We found that these boxes were really deep, so my friend trimmed the flaps off of one side, I folded them in on mine.  Hot glue the boxes in a stack, we put a dab in the corners and one in the middle.  

Measure out the contact paper, I recommend a darker printed paper to be sure you can't see through it to reveal the secret.

You can wrap all the parts together or in sections so you have options when you take this craft to school.  I like them side by side, but they may be stacked the other way if I don't have enough space or the best area to put it.   

Beautiful and ready to be labeled with student groups OR class sections OR papers for helpers OR subjects OR holidays... The options are endless and the good news is you can always get more!!

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