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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nutrition Network Summer Conference

UA Nutrition Network Summer Conference

This summer conference was FREE for teachers, and was sponsored by the UANN (University of Arizona Nutrition Network).  They had TONS of gifts, prizes, and even a session with fruit and vegetable samples.

Welcome Tables: Giveaway bags, USB lanyards, and raffle tickets.

Raffle Tables: 16 different bags full of nutrition giveaways to help support teachers in their classrooms.  The bags varied with containers, measuring cups, jump ropes, DVD's, and even a night stay at the host hotel. 

Information Tables: Set up around the room to show teaching tools available to borrow and ideas that others have used including the Food Bank.

Lunch Table Decorations :)

Welcome Speaker

Breakout Session 1:  Fear Factor Food Tasting
The Garden Kitchen

All of fruits and vegetables you see on the table we got to learn about their health benefit and EAT them!  So much fun!!

Breakout Session 2: Building a School Garden
Tucson Food Bank
Tucson Food Bank Gardening Programs

This was a high school teacher explaining how she and her students created a garden at school.  They were so successful they sold their produce to the teachers!

The Tucson Community Food Bank supports schools and families in getting their own garden started.  They also have great volunteer opportunities in warehouses and working on their farms.

Things you can check out to use at your school.

Yes, those costumes are available to borrow too.

Final Keynote Speaker: A 13 Year Old Girl
This well spoken your lady has been on many committees, met the last 2 presidents, and continues to serve her community.  She was inspired by her father who was diagnosed with type II diabetes, and the whole family changed their eating and fitness habits!

Closing remarks and finishing off the raffles...I WON!!  
My set of 30 jump ropes will be put to use all year long!

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