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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pinterest Crafts: Pass or Fail?

Birthday Wands!

I'm usually not very good at celebrating birthdays at school, one year I did bracelets, one year I did a certificate and a lollipop, so I needed something new.  These wands are cheap and easy to make, especially when you can shop at the Dollar Tree.  

Supplies needed: pencils, star cutouts, hot glue, 
pencil cup/vase, ribbon, scissors.

Attach the Star with hot glue.  Add decorative ribbon.

Put all the beautiful wands in a pencil cup, jar, or vase.   

To finish them off I will label the front with Happy Birthday and the back will have a students Name and their Birth Date.  Then all I have to do is sharpen them the day before so they can write with it all day to celebrate!


I attended a "Pinterest Party" yesterday evening.  Great concept!  You invite over a few friends with a common goal.  For this party we were a group of teachers wanting to make some new classroom items for management, decoration, or organization.  Each person picks a project, pre-tested or not, and brings enough supplies for each of the other party participants to make their own. Simple and fun!  We had 6 people so 6 crafts to assemble, if we had more than that we would have been crafting all night :)

Here's what I made:   

Pinterest Party = PASS

Bulletin Board:  Made from insullation foam, fabric and some hot glue (or staples).

To Do List Picture Frame: Printed to-do list with blank check boxes and lines, put in in a picture frame (dollar tree) and dry erase you list on.

Brain Break Sticks:  List out the activities you want to have as handy choices on the big craft sticks.  Mine are exercise sticks that don't require any prep.

Clock Helper Petals:  Poster board, clock for measuring petal and stem sizes.  I will be printing the numbers from this freebie

Monster Bookmarks:  So I didn't have the patience to sit and pre-make these so you'll have to check it out on the pin. Instead I have the pieces cut to the correct sizes ready to use a reward for kids to make.

Lining Up Chants: I didn't make this one but it's really cute to have handy to get those kids up and moving to quickly get in line.  I'm not sure this is the same post, but I think the rhymes are the same.

Giant Student Picture Frame:  Poster board and markers will do the trick.  I will print out seasonal items and stick them in the corners so I can reuse the frame all year long!

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